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About ASTA

Created by statute in 1983, the Arkansas Science & Technology Authority (ASTA) is a state agency dedicated to the development, expansion and retention of high-paying knowledge-based industries. This is achieved through high-tech entrepreneurship, research, and STEM education.

ASTA is comprised of a Board of Directors, Advisory Committees and staff. The 14-member Board is appointed by the Governor to staggered four-year terms. The Board has three directors who are scientists or engineers, two directors who are representatives of academic institutions, eight directors who represent the private sector, three of which have knowledge and experience in the field of manufacturing, and the Director of the Department of Higher Education (or the Director's designee).

Our Mission

ASTA's mission is to advance the talent and innovation necessary for Arkansas to prosper.

With a vision to see Arkansas prepared to compete and prosper in the global economy, ASTA promotes scientific research; technology development; business innovation; and math, science, and engineering education.

All of ASTA's activities are audited annually to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines. The privacy policy for this website may be accessed by clicking this text.

Our Goals

Ensure the availability of the next generation of Arkansans with science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills necessary for a competitive 21st century workforce.

Maximize the production of scientific and engineering talent and research innovations as building blocks for the 21st century economy.

To invest in research innovations that build knowledge-based industries for Arkansas in the 21st century economy.

Strengthen Arkansas companies and their capacity to innovate, create wealth, expand knowledge-based jobs and compete globally.

Extend science and technology expertise to take advantage of emerging opportunities in partnership with other programs, services and organizations.

Our Leadership

ASTA's staff is led by Dr. Tim Atkinson, the president and chief executive officer, who is responsible for the agency's programs, services and support functions. ASTA's activities are divided into three main programmatic areas that include research, development and technology.

The Board determines the allocation of funds to all projects supported by ASTA. Three Board standing committees, comprised exclusively of members of the Board, make recommendations to the full Board. Advisory Committees, comprised of Board and non-Board members, offer additional inputs to ASTA.

Our Values

Be accountable to ASTA stakeholders.

Be honest and ethical.

Value and promote ASTA products and services

Be creative and objective in order to improve the organization and staff.

Treat all with respect and dignity.

Value diversity among ASTA staff and our customers.

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